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Directed by - Tulsi Ramsay & Shyam Ramsay
Starring - Vijendra Ghatge, Padmini Kapila, Narendranath, Komilla Wirk, Premkishan, Sujit Kumar & Premnath.
Music- Bappi Lahiri
Genre- Horror.

Memory of the film - The first and biggest memory for this film is the Cut piece of a Human Hand chasing a girl with a backdrop of a Guest House. As a kid we use to see this poster and use to wonder what will be the story. but the big "A" in the censor certificate stopped us from watching the film. Later after few years had seen the film and were terrified to see the hand killing people. The second memory was of Premnath who played a important role in this film, he had different looks in this film and had great personality. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Though it was his hand which was killing the people, but we never felt fear from Premnath as he was a good guy taking revenge of his murder. But on other side the hand was damn scary. Sadly after this film the makers started more of Dead body killing people etc and later the creativity disappeared.

Besides Premnath and his hand, one more person I remembered was Komilla Wirk who was the girl on the poster being chased. I dint get opportunity to watch this film again as It was hardly showed on Television and later was never released on DVD or VCD.

Hunt for the film - When I started collecting movies, trashy films and horror films {Good Ramsay films} were also in top of the list. Films like Purana Mandir, Veerana, Do Gaz Zameen ke Neeche, Darwaza,etc were bought as spotted. But Guest House was rare to find, bought 2 VCD with same name- one was B/W film starring Ajit and another a South Indian dub. I must have asked in almost all shops about this film but never got positive answer. One day saw a 4 in 1 DVD set which had Guest House poster on it and had Ramsay written over in {Very Small Size}, I immediately bought it only to find the south Indian dub inside it. When I met the director of this film, Mr.Tulsi Ramsay I asked him for the copy, but sadly he too dint have it. Finally a friend of mine had a original VHS of this film and he converted this film especially for me. Sadly I dint get opportunity to watch it until today.

Impact in today's time – When I started the movie it had everything a Ramsay film had, Actors like Narendranath, Sudhir, Mac Mohan, Padmini Kapila, Vijendra Ghatge, Rajendranath,etc. With Haunting tune by Bappi Lahiri,etc. I still felt the theme of this film was far superior than other horror Indian films. The impact of Premnath was superb in the film. The way he calls the Dead spirit for his client in lonely Guest house was superb. But the best scene of the film was the hand chasing Komilla Wirk Image and video hosting by TinyPic even now after so many years this scene looks classy and great. The scariness was missing, probably due to my exposure towards more and advanced horror films in so many years. But then again the concept kept me interested in the movie and in today’s time too managed to impress me and thus did not end in trashy films list.

Bappi Lahiri’s music was haunting and both the songs were melodious. The main lead actors had very less to do in this film, but Padmini Kapila looked great. The movie belonged to the Villains {Narendranath, Komilla Wirk, Sujit Kumar and Mac mohan} and Premnath.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Verdict - With hardly any modern special effects and Dolby sounds the movie is a winner and deserved to be watched keeping in mind of that era. I wish someday a better print will be released and that too on DVD.
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Also I hope I have a sound sleep and try not to have dreams of the Hand chasing me…..


GK said...

It was 1980 outside Imperial theatre, I saw the huge poster of this film. I was 7years old then couldnt see the film since it was an "A" CERTIFIED !!The poster itself scred the shit out of me.3years later i remember I was living at Warden road that time, during the Ganpati festival the Tejpal Mitra Mandal showed it in the lane below the Tejpal Auditorium. I returned home at around 1am, walking through the night,I was 10 ,the above face haunted me then as it was following me from behing ,thanks for the capture, i am 36 now and still shit scared !!!

Pratworld said...

One of the Ramsay's best film (in my top 3 Ramsay films along with Do Gaz and Veerana), Guest House hasnt dated a i so found out when I saw the film again...after nearly 30 years since its release. Premnath does his HAND!!!!!

Rajesh Balkrishnan said...

Please please can you post this on Youtube. Or can you please arrange for a copy for me. I am based in the US but will be in India in April, and can personally collect it from you. This and Maut ka Saya are the only 2 Rmsay movies I have never seen.

Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan

Filmphile said...

I had similar experiences while hunting for this dvd- ended up with that south indian Guest House twice. I would also love to have a copy of this movie. can you please upload it (torrent/emule/rapidshare) or mail a copy. i will transfer the required amount in advance. I live in Calcutta. Thanks for this wow writeup,stirred up some real pleasant memories :-)

doppelganger said...
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Filmphile said...
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Muhammad Ali said...

yaar youtube se remove kr di gai hae aur koi link hae ksi k paas plz plz plz mjy bhi bta dena

Muhammad Ali said...
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Shankar said...

Hi Thanks for your thoughts about this movie I have been looking for this movie since a long time what you said about this movie 100% true. I can say that this movie was a real classic during the 80s and made a great impact on Hindi Horror genre you can really see in one of the frame of movie there is a kind of stop motion animation done when hand simply crawls on the ground. Awesome !!!

I can Ramsay brothers were best for Hindi horror genre some directors tried to copy them but failed..

All I can say is Ramsay horror ROCKS!!

Karun said...

G9- great.This is one I am looking out for too.
All Ramsays were fav more than eng ones such as EvilDead. I prefer Ramsays more than today's hindi horrors too.


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