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Remember the movie Angoor? One of the lead character Ashok had a fascination towards desi spy jasoos type of novels. Roopesh, a young businessman from Gujarat is just like, Ashok. Roopesh cannot live without these desi spy jasoos type of novels and the love of his life Prema. His mad fascination towards these books has made him suspicious towards every happenings around him. Roopesh and Prema love each other, but cannot marry due to her family commitments. Prema’s father passed away when she was very young. Since then she has been the man, in her family and raised her three younger sisters. She had determined that she wouldn’t marry till the time all her sisters were happily married and settled in their lives. Yes, just like the heroines of our 70’s and 80’s Hindi films. Roopesh supports Prema and decides to wait for her. After, the wait of around ten years, Prema’s youngest sister Sheetal, gets married to Roshan, the love of her life. Roshan, an orphan, has an elder brother named Aman. Roshan meets Roopesh and Prema and expresses his wish of getting married in a weeks time as he has to report for his new job in America. Everyone agrees to it and that is when Aman arrives.

Aman is a handsome man in his early 30’s and carries himself with grace and poise. Everyone in Roopesh’s family is highly impressed with Aman and his lovable mannerism. One day Aman decides to party with Roopesh an thus they go to Daman. Aman shares his secret of being on a secret mission for the Indian Army . Thus, after the party Aman leaves for his work which was at a hotel situated near by. He accidentally forgets his phone in Roopesh’s car. Roopesh in his drunken state follows Aman and as he enters the hotel room he finds many bearded men wearing Pathanis, speaking Kutchi language and holding guns. These men grabs him and frees him only when Aman talks to them in Kutchi saying that he is the main boss. Aman takes his phone from confused Roopesh and walks him towards the door. He assures Roopesh that these guys work for Indian army and everything is safe and sound. While driving back home, Roopesh remembers one of his spy novels and starts imagining Aman as one of the terrorists who had attacked recently in his town. Next day morning Aman wakes up Roopesh and takes him for a drive down the country side. Once they are out of the town, they see a police van passing by and Aman comes out from his car and shoots the tyre of that van. The van topples down and Roopesh is shocked. Aman tells him to go and get the old man out of that van. Without realizing Roopesh follows Aman’s instructions and within few minutes a car comes up to them with the same guys that Roopesh had seen in the hotel room the previous night. They greet Roopesh and take away the old man. Before Roopesh could ask, Aman thanks him for helping him and the countrymen. It’s at that moment, Aman reveals his true identity and that he was working for the Pakistani spy agency, ISI, along with Indian military. Roopesh did not know how to react. He wanted to cancel the marriage and get away from Aman, but by doing so, he feared that Sheetal and Prema would be heart broken and also the dream of him getting married to Prema would be delayed for a longer period.

Roopesh does not believe any word of Aman and feels he is a terrorist, for sure. He decides to share this with Prema and others. But everyone around him are very impressed by Aman and admires him a lot. Roopesh then starts spying Aman but fails to get anything except an old photograph of his ex-girlfriend Madhu. Roopesh tries to contact Madhu and learns that Aman was an ex Indian army and now is suspected to work for foreign agencies. Roopesh wanted to share all the details of that attack to Madhu and everyone in the house, but failed miserably. Next morning Roopesh finds the same old man at his house. Aman introduces him as his long distance uncle, Kabir Kaka. Everyone in the family is happy to meet Kabir Kaka and in the evening Roopesh is asked to drop Kabir Kaka at the airport. Just before reaching the airport, Roopesh is asked to get down at the signal and collect a parcel from a beggar. Roopesh follows the instructions only to find out what the parcel contained. It had a red diary and an old desi gun. Kabir Kaka takes the diary and leaves in the car, while Roopesh hides the gun in his car. Next morning he finds out from the newspaper that a beggar near the airport was shot dead. Before he could react to it, Aman tells him that the beggar was killed with an old desi gun. Roopesh is scared now and starts acting in weird manner. He once again wants to cancel the marriage but now fears his involvement with Aman and his crimes. Everyone in the house feels Roopesh has become crazy and seems to be highly obsessed with his new crime novel.

Kabir Kaka, ISI, old desi gun, van break and Aman have become a part of Roopesh’s nightmares. It gets worse as Aman tries to sneak out from the house and drives away. Roopesh follows him to outskirts of the town leading to a shady motel. This time Roopesh acts smartly and tries to hear the conversation by standing outside the room. He hears a name of Abdul Bhai, an international terrorist with whom Aman is making new plans of blowing up the entire BSF base near their town. He also hears Abdul saying that without that red diary, the money and the weapons transaction would not be possible. Under this panic situation Roopesh calls up Madhu and tells her everything. Madhu requests Roopesh to keep this conversation going on as she would be there with a squad and do the needful. At the same time Roopesh comes to know that the meeting is almost on its verge of getting over. He has no choice but to get inside and try to make them wait out there. Roopesh enters the room and all the guns point towards him. Aman orders them to lower down their guns. Roopesh starts acting like one of his detective from a novel and says that he know the secret of the red diary. Abdul bhai is shocked over this statement of Roopesh. Aman interrupts in between by saying that this guy is crazy and does not know anything. Roopesh starts to blabber Kabir Kaka, ISI, blast, red diary, van, desi gun and all such stuffs. Abdul bhai gets furious and before he could do something, Roopesh picks up the gun with his shaky hands. Even before one of the gunman could fire at Roopesh, Aman shoots that guy and takes in the charge. He points his gun towards Abdul and his gang and finally reveals his identity of being a special agent from Indian intelligence, whose mission was to capture Abdul and his gang. At the same time Madhu and her team of RAW agents enter the room and takes over all the criminals. Roopesh is still confused over the happenings and finally understands that Aman, Kabir Kaka and Madhu were all part of the plan. They needed a fake terrorist, thus planned the jail break. The fake terrorist got the red diary, containing the details of ammunition and money needed for the blast operation. As for Aman, all these got him to meet Abdul Bhai and rest, is history.

Roopesh is relieved and at the same time very happy to be part of this spy game. This fulfilled his passion of reading desi spy novels followed by marriage of Roshan and Sheetal leading to his marriage with Prema. As for Aman he is all set for his next undercover mission.


Sajid khan said...

Hi Divya...just read ur short and very interesting story...would u be interested in developing this in a full fledged screenplay...I think it has the potential to be a film...pls get in touch with me..Sajid khan

Unknown said...

Hi Divya...just read ur short and very interesting story...would u be interested in developing this in a full fledged screenplay...I think it has the potential to be a film...pls get in touch with me..Sajid khan

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