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Mithya - Movie Review By G9 Divya Solgama (*ing - Naseerudin Shah, Ranvir Shourie, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak - Directed by Rajat Kapoor)

“Main hoon kaun…. ???"

What happens when the movie “Don” is revisited with some twist and enacted by bunch of talented actor along with a combo of humor, love, emotion…is what “Mithya” is all about. 

“Mithya” is a story of V.K/Virendra Kumar [Ranvir shourie], a struggling actor, Who witnesses a attempt to murder of underworld don Rajee bhai / Rajendra Sahay [Ranvir shourie].He is kidnapped by ram,shayam [ Vinay pathak & Brijendra kala] henchman of another underworld don Shetty [Saurabh shukla].Shetty and his main associate Gawade [Naserudin shah] plans to replace v.k as rajee bhai. They introduce Sonam [Neha dhupia], mistress of gawade to v.k, who emotionally connects with him. After the training v.k is replaced as rajee bhai and starts living with rajees family [revati his wife [Iravati], two sons, mother [Suhasni mulay], brother manu [Harsh chaya] etc.] and tries adjusting as don. But fate had its own ways. v.k meets with a accident where he looses his memory and what happens next is what to watch out …. 

The entire movie belongs to Ranvir shourie who carries the movie on his shoulders smoothly the role of actor/don with confused identity. he is brilliant in humour and emotional angle. Wish the same could had been said for the bunch of great actors..who are wasted in small and petty roles. Vinay pathak and brijendra kala does a great humorous jodi but we needed more of them as they play very small role. Naseerudin shah, harsh chaya, shaurabh shukla..etc are good but stuck in small roles. Neha dhupia carries her with grace. Director Rajat kapoor direction grows up much better than Raghu romeo. But saurabh shuklas story and screenplay gets confused in second half where the movie moves from humor to action to emotional to love story. 

So….”bol meri ‘Filmi Khopdi’ is film mein kitna hain dum???” 

Dum to hain par kahin pe story screenplay mein kum ho jati hain. The movie is being promoted as comedy, which it starts with but moves to drama and emotion. If only it would had been kept as comical satire it would had been great. Still a definite watch for ranvirs performance and different version of “Don"

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