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I wonder what am i doing here and what will i do out here...

I am more of a talker than a writer when it comes to talk/write about Hindi movies. I can go on non stop on a given topic, but when it comes to write the lazy guy inside me takes over the command.

On beginners note, i love Hindi movies from my childhood days and was crazy over them. ya ya i know many are, so what makes me different is i was not allowed to watch movies at my home as a kid {as it use to affect my grades - My parents verdict} so use to watch movies at other peoples home, street cinema at ganpati times, use to go to grandparents place in vacations alone so can watch movies out there without any Rok Tok. Watching Movies posters, Movie Catalogues in Video Stores, Audio Cassettes and VHS Cassettes in Audio-Video Stores use to give me best thrill of my life in those days. Since there was no access to Film magazines these thrill also use to be my point of references when given opportunity to hire Video Cassettes or go to cinema hall to watch movies.

Rajkot and Nasik were my fav vacation spot in summer and Winter time, where at one place i was allowed to watch any movies with my cousins in cinema hall which were damn cheap and on another side had a VCR player with full access to Video library. I use to wait for vacation and my parents use to think i miss my grandparents so much, thus was desperate to meet them in vacation, little did they know along with the love it was the love for movies which attracted me out there :).

I use to spend hours in the Video Library and use to browse through the entire collection and after few days use to show the owner the movies location in his stores when he was not able to find them.

Diwali Vacations were also not spared, My elder maternal uncle {who too was a filmi freak} use to call me at his place and he use to hire a VCR player {which were too expensive in those time to buy} for whole month and the again the video library use to be his friends place where i had full access. i remember those afternoon watching old movies with my grandmother and aunt as new movies were reserved for evening with uncle.

Now a kid who had full restrictions at his place and on contrast side had full happening vacations needed some dose of movies when staying with parents. In those days Doordarshan use to show Hindi movies only on Sunday which was allowed to me too provided my homework was all done. but this was too less for me as the thirst for watching Hindi movies was so high, thus started going to friends place and later to unknown peoples place where ever movies were being played. slowly this became a new game for me on holidays as i use to sit in middle of my colony and once the Video library guy entered the gate i use to check which movies he has got and then decide my watch, then use to follow him to the renters place and once that house curtains were drawn i use to shamelessly go there asking for water {even if it was on 3rd or 4th floor} and then slowly sit there and watch the whole movie.

As all good things end soon, my this new game was also spotted by my parents and had some best bashing of my life. the restrictions grew more as i started growing up, but on brighter side the invasion of Cable T.V was like a blessing in disguise for me. It started with 2 movies a day growing to 4 movies a day. The cable guy use to send a list where movies schedule of a whole week used to be typed. I had a type writer at home but dint know how to type, thus learnt typing and later made the list of my movies to be watched and use to give it to the cable guy who happily accepted it as it saved his time and money. Slowly i was the most popular among my friends who favoured me a lot to get their request on the list.

Time flew by and things changed. Invasion of satellite T.V and Academic Pressure tried their best to divert my attention from Movies to all these fancy stuff. The only saviour was watching new movies with friends on Friday. But later other pressures of life took over my passion of movies watching and thus at one time came i too like all other friends of mine had movies just as Sunday outing and that too if it was a big film then only. The routine life took over me and all the fooling done for watching movies started to shame me out when was refereed by anyone. The Filmy Gyaan started rusting out and was only used when some Anatakshari was played in Friends and Office.

Almost after a Decade came a day when a cousin of mine introduced my to world of Social network - Orkut and things changed........................

{To Be Continued....}


Anonymous said...

grt man

Abhi Khare said...

Sir ji after reding your views i was amazed and happy to see your another skill i.e. writing.
I can say that its really difficult sometime to share our views in writing but you have done so well.

Keep post some more views. I always want to share my views with you always think that one day i would be the good blogger but today i am really happy that my big bro giving new shape of my dream.

thanks a ton

andy said...

U r still the same kid ...nothing has changed only the enviorment around you...the childhood passion has taken you to a different level--now the very kid is on air ...all the best for all your future endeavour..God bless you

Pratworld said...

Divya...I have never come across anyone who is as passionate about movies as you are. I am a fan myself and there are so many others like me who are fans too, but the passion you have is unmatched. Keep it up buddy!!!!

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