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AAHAT – EK AJIB KAHANI {1971-2010}

<Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Directed By – Kishore Rege

Starring : Vinod Mehra, Jaya Bhaduri, Dr.Shreeram lagoo, Ramesh Deo, Amrish Puri & Dharmendra {Sp.App}

Music – Chetan

Genre - Thriller

Memory of the film :
I never knew that such movie existed, till few years back when I had seen the L.P record of this movie at a friend’s place. Image and video hosting by TinyPicWe both felt that what a loss for Hindi films that such good songs got wasted and never came out.

Hunt for the film :
Well I dint go for hunting for this film, when I came to know it was shelved, but one fine day I saw a Advertisement in a film based Magazine about this film’s release. I was totally zapped and thrilled. But such announcements keep happening and never see the daylight. I was correct, at the release date which was given in the magazine the movie dint release. But at that time also read few articles stating about the film’s release. Thus there was a hope for either theatrical or video release. After some time again I saw the Ad, and waited for that day. At the day of release there was no Ad anywhere, I thought the movie again dint release. But few days later I saw the poster, and then started to inquire about the release. Image and video hosting by TinyPic The movie was released in three cinema hall, the best one was far and the nearby were bad cinema halls. It was Thursday and I knew that next day the movie might not stay, thus went to one of those bad cinema halls. The whole cinema hall was deserted and in bad condition, but still I bought the tickets and sat through the movie. Image and video hosting by TinyPicWith less number of people and no fan and good sound, I saw the whole movie and had a good time.

Impact in today's time : It was strange to watch a 35mm film on big screen after a long time, the story was decent enough to keep you interested. It was about a blind girl {Jaya Bhaduri} who marries a Photographer {Vinod Mehra} and stays with him in a isolated place. On other side a crook {Ramesh Deo} and his colleagues {Amrish Puri} Image and video hosting by TinyPicplan a Diamond Necklace robbery with help of a dancer {Bindu}. The dancer plans to double cross them with help of her friends {Dr.Shreeram lagoo}. She hides the necklace in the photographer’s camera. All the villains come to know about it and finds out the location of the photographer. One by one they try to get hold of the camera when photographer is not at home and tries to fool his blind wife. Image and video hosting by TinyPicBut the blind girl is smart enough to understand, that something wrong is going on. What happens next is quite enjoyable. Though old film, but still it did manage to keep me glued to the big screen. Dharmendra gives a Sp. Appearance in the film as himself. Vinod Mehra had hardly any role. But movie belonged to Jaya Bhaduri who gave a superb performance along with Dr.Shreeram lagoo and Young Arvind Rathod. It was sheer treat to watch Bindu doing a Cabaret dance followed by a Mujra. second half of the movie was a decent thriller as per those times.

My Verdict
Try watching the film for Jaya Bhaduri, Bindu’s Cabaret Image and video hosting by TinyPic, Decent thrilling second half and a great efforts by the producer who released this film after almost 3-4 decades.


Pratworld said...

AAAAHHHHHHH....AAhAT....only YOU Divs COULD actually end up seeing this long awaited (for nuts like us) much delayed film. I hunted everywhere in Kolkata for its release but no such luck....chalo at least you saw it so half the pleasure is mine as well...hahahahaha/ From what you have written its sounds like a good film and I am hoping and praying it does get released on vcd/dvd at least.....

Selwy Fernandes said...

You'll be surprised to know I travelled all the way from Bahrain to Mumbai- and watched the movie at liberty cinema on 26th february 2010 at the 3.30 pm show.I also met the late director kishore rege son -Amit Rege at the cinema -he was stunned when he knew i travelled so much just to watch AAHAT-it was the most gratifying experience to watch it in the cinema,i also caught it at sharda cinema on holi day-the cinema was more than 50 % full

Selwy Fernandes said...

How did u manage to get all these pictures-is it thru cell phone,AAHAT is still so much inside me ,I still keep checking information abt this film on net,i feel so releived that i travelled to mumbai and watched the film as yet it has not released on dvd/vcd.I also met the manger of liberty cinema ,every one was stunned to know that i travelled so much,i keep i ntouc with Amit REge too,now I want to meet the new producer SPSeth - am desperately surfing the net for inform regarding SP SEth

Selwy Fernandes said...

I want to congratulate SP Seth for having released this film.Also u will be surprised to know Liberty cienma was all decorated and was a pretty site.I have taken pictures ,do not know how to upload them.

Selwy Fernandes said...

Watching Jaya was a real treat.Also Bindu was good.U'll be shocked to know that i have been chekcing for this movie since the last 4 years everyday without fail on the net.I even wrote to moserbaer,shemaroo,friends,lara video to release this film.Even wrote on amitabh's blog .Finally the movie had a theatre release,before travelling i called liberty to make sure if the movie was sureley going to release ,as else my trip wld have been a waste.
I called liberty cinema twice before booking my tiket to mumbai

divsfilmifreak said...


Wow great to know about your passion for AAHAT.
its motivates a filmi freak inside me.

The film got very bad release...and sadly i missed watching it in LIBERTY and watched it in a V.Bad Cinema hall - AMAR.

But the best part was a release of old film and that too after ages. its a big win for Indian films.

Hope this trends keeps going on as there are tons of such films which are ready for release.

divsfilmifreak said...

You can upload your pics at and post the link out here...

We would love to see them...

My whole purpose of this blog is of sharing information about such rare and lost films.

Selwy Fernandes said...

Great Guns Friend-Get the contact of SP seth since u r in mumbai-we could convince him to release some other films too like
Katil Kaun-nanda,samir khan(check the net,nanda has sung a song too in this film,its not released ,its a film of 1972)
then there is sweetheart-asha parekh,shashi kapuridirector suraj prakash,film of 1970 songs are available on net-audio
then there is aag ki dhara-director mukul dutt
film of 1979-wahida rehman,rehana sultan,maheendra sandu
and many more
aarambh-saira banu,rakesh pandey-1976
aag ka dariya-dilip kumar,rekha 1982
libaas -sahabna azmi,nasirudin shah,raj babbar-director gulzar -suppose to one of the best films of gulzar-
all these have not had a theatre release

Selwy Fernandes said...

aaj ki dhara-not aag ki dhara

Selwy Fernandes said...

I am also looking out for the follwinf films hwich may have had a theatre release but r not vaialbe on dvd /vcd-spoke to Friends video 3 days ago ,from my list they r going to release VACHAN,perhaps EK GUNAH AUR SAHI and maybe even SAVERA

divsfilmifreak said...

VACHAN and KATIL KAUN both are out on VCD/DVD.
SAVERA might not be possible due to rights problem.

Regd the Films which are ready and not released in cinema hall.

There is also Chor Mandli {Ashok Kumar, Raj kapoor} which is ready.

AAg Ka Dariya i guess was never complete.

& regd LIBAAS - i had heard that the producer was in some Income Tax problem and he showed losses in name of LIBAAS. So if the film gets release he might be in problem, thus the news of releasing keeps coming but not the film...

Selwy Fernandes said...

1> TASVEER - Feroz Khan, Kalpana,
Director JBH Wadia
Production – Wadia Films
1> DIL NE PUKARA- Sanjay khan ,Shashi Kapur,Rajshree

1>BIKHARE MOTI- Jeetendra,Babita/Mumtaz

1> SWEET HEART - Asha Parekh,Shashi Kapur
Directed by Suraj Prakash and written by Brij Katyal, (not released in cinema like Vandana)

2> AANSO AUR MUSKAN- Hema Malini, Parikshat Sahni

1>SIDHARTHA- Simi, Shashi Kapur, Romesh Sharma Excellent Story
2> Sub Ka Saathi Sanjay Khan,Vinod Khanna
3>Anokha Daan Kabir Bedi,Zahira,Anil Dhawan

2> Ek Thi Rita- Vinod Mehra, Tanuja
3> DO BOOND PANI- Simi Garewal
4> LADKI PASAND HAI- Deepak Kumar, Mumtaz

1>WAFAA- Sanjay Khan, Rakhi
2>MAAN JAYIE- Rehana Sultan, Rakesh Pandey

1>PYASI NADI- Vikram, Vani Ganpathy good music

2>PREM PARBHAT- Rehana Sultan ,Satish Kaul very good music
Very very good music
Rehana Sultan,Kiran kumar Sajid Khan - Good story

4>SAMJAUTHA- Anil Dhawan , Yogita Bali Excellent music


Selwy Fernandes said...

6>CHALIA- Nanda, Navin Nischol (before with ultra)

7>KATIL KAUN- Nanda, Samir Khan (not released in cinema like
8>CHORI CHORI- Sanjay Khan, Radha Saluja
(not released in cinema like Vandana)
9>DHUEN KI LAKIR - Parveen Babi ,Ramesh Arora EXCELLENT MUSIC

10>WOH MAIN NAHIN- Rekha, Navin Nischol

11> DHARMA -- Navin Nischol,Rekha-moser


1>ALINGAN- Romesh Sharma,Zahira –Excellent Music (with ultra)

2>VACHAN- Vimi, Shashi kapur

3>JURM AUR SAZAA- Nanda, Vinod Mehra

4>ASLIYAT Nanda,Sanjay Khan

5>27 DOWN - Rakhi

1>ZINDAGI AUR TOOFAN- Rehana Sultan, Sajid Khan, Yogita

2>DO JHOOT -Vinod Mehra, Moushami Chaterjee EXCELLENT MUSIC

3> MONTO - Navin Nischol, Saira Banu

4>ANGAREY - Sanjiv Kumar ,Rakhi (Director- Govind Sariya)

1>ARAMBHAV- Saira Banu, Rakesh Pandey
(not released in cinema like Vandana)

Selwy Fernandes said...

2> NACH UTHE SANSAR- Shashi Kapur, Hema Mailini

ABHI TO JEE LEIN- Jaya Bhaduri, Kiran Kumar ,Danny

1>MAHFIL- Sadhana –Anil Dhawan

1>AAJ KI DHARA- Wahida Rehman, Mahendra Sandhu, Rehana
Sultan ,Asha Sachdev
(not released in cinema like Vandana)


1>EK GUNAH AUR SAHI - Parvin Babi, Sunil Dutt

2>LAHO PUKREGA- Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Feroz Khan

3>DESH DROHI- Navin Nischol ,Saira Banu

1>AKHRI MUJRA- Asha Parekh, Vikram, Zahira Wahab

VAKIL BABU- Zeenat Aman, Shashi Kapur

1>PYAAS - Zeenat Aman,Tanuja,Kanwaljith (O.P.RALAN )

1>AURAT- Zeenat Aman, Shashi Kapur (B.R.ISHARA)

2> GUL-E-BAKAVALI- Feroz Khan,Sulakshana Pandit
(not released in cinema like Vandana)

Selwy Fernandes said...

1>LIBAS- Shabana Azmi, Nazirudin Shah, Raj Babbar
(not released in cinema like Vandana)
1>GAWAHEE- Zeenat Aman, Shekar Kapur

AAG KA DARIYA- Dilip Kumar,Rekha
(not released in cinema like Vandana)

1>ULFAT KI NAYE MANZIL- Sadhana,Wahida Rehman,Raj kumar

1>DAUGHTERS OF THIS CENTURY-Jaya Bachchan,Shabana,Dipti Naval
(not released in cinema like Vandana)

Selwy Fernandes said...

Hi -r u sure Katil Kaun-starring nanda,samir khan is out,????which dvd distributor has released it,what abt Vachan???

Selwy Fernandes said...

Great-u do have some good abt Chor Mandli-asha parekh oftens talk abt this film-the only film she acted opposite raj kapur

divsfilmifreak said...

I guess
Dil Ne Pukara, Bikhare Moti, Aanso Aur Muskan, Sidharth, Sub Ka Saathi, Wafaa, Katil Kaun, Woh main Nahin, Dharma, Vachan, Jurm Aur Sazaa, Zinsagi Aur Toofan, Monto, Angarey, Nach utha sansar, Abhi To jee Lein, Aurat are available on VCD/DVD

i dont remember the DVD distributor..but they are there....for sure... :)

Selwy Fernandes said...

AAG Ka Dariya-i think has a censor certificate
there was a site ,now i am not able to locate it,it was on this site,that i got to know that AAHAT was censored in 1993.
AAJ ki dhara also has a certificate,though
did not see the certificate for katil kaun and sweetheart-tell me more abt katil kaun

Selwy Fernandes said...

Not that i know of-whenever I come to mumbai i spent at least 2 days looking out for the movies,besides i chk the net all the while and there is no info regardin the above movies.

divsfilmifreak said...


Selwy Fernandes said...

i had seen all these movies on vhs except gaman , dhuen ki lakir and do jhoot
,i had the master copy of gaman and had left it with my sister,but she lost the entire cartoon of vhs i left with her.

divsfilmifreak said...

Wow..Thats great you have seen them...

Sad for the Huge loss for all of us.. :(

Selwy Fernandes said...

But now none of these are available in the form of dvd vcd and all vhs have been abandoned,nobody has the collection,i do not know abt dubai

Selwy Fernandes said...

Was Gawahee not released in India,i had a copy of pyaas for soemtime ,then i discarded it,but i have not seen all those rehana sultan movies-prem parbat,zindagi aur toofan ,savera and jaya bhaduri's jai jawan jai makan

Selwy Fernandes said...

Please let me know abt katil kaun-since u r in mumbai u cld perhaps check with liberty cinema for contact details of SPSeth-if thats ok with u.I am sure they wld give it

divsfilmifreak said...

Gawahee was a VIDEO film released on VHS only.
Never seen Prem parbat, Jai Jawan or Savera.

Zindagi aur Toofan is also not relased..sorry i mixed it with Toofan aur bijlee... :(

Selwy Fernandes said...

And finally the movie that I am most looking forward to is DAKTAR BABU ,starring Jaya Bachchan,Dharmendra,the movie was
almost complete -16 reels cans but director Nabendu Ghosh passed away.It was based on the classi novel Maila Anchal.
If AAHAT cld get a release I believe Daktar Babu could be given finishing touch and released.
This thought shld reach the right people-Jaya Bachcan,Dharmendra or Sunny Deol,Abhishek Bachchan-they might be intrested in doing
this for their parents-both have production houses and finally the right director to do the final inspection and completion.The right director according to me wld be either
Gulzar or Rituparno Ghosh or Govind nihalini,can't see anyobdy else doing that,as i read on net that Nabendu was involved with movies like Sujata,Bandini,Tesri Kasam- a classic in the making would go waste,but I beleive its the thought-Daktar Babu will see the light of day

Selwy Fernandes said...


Selwy Fernandes said...

You mentioned u had read abt AAHAT going to get a release in some magazine-cld u tell me which magazine and approx when,my ist info abt the release of the film was on 2nd feb-as usual I was surfing the net for AAHAT and was overwhelmed to see every newspaper covering aAHAT-the rest of february i was slowing digesting the fact that AAHAT was going to release ,since i had been looking out for this film so frantically my colleagues at work too had begun hearing abt the existence of AAHAT .It was only around february 20th i decided to travel,then i made a call to liberty cinema,checking if my dream was going to translate into reality.24th call liberty again and then did my booking

divsfilmifreak said...


Copy the link of the pic uploaded and paste it out all can see.. :)

i will search that first ad which i had seen in a trade magazine, and will post it out here too... :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Selwy Fernandes said...

also tell me id u r sure abt Katil Kaun and Vachan(the friends video people said it was going to release soon under friends video)

There r few movies which r released on vcd/dvd but not available -if u have an idea pls let me know wehre they wld be available


My Friend (1974)
Mere Sajana (1975) —rakhi-navin nischol
Sajjo Rani (1976)
Shaitaan (1974)


Nirdosh (1973)
Sahib Bahadur (1977)
Free Love (1974)

Lara Video
Charitra (1973) parvin babi salim durani
Kagaz Ki Nao (1975) sarika,pradeep kumar,raj

Priya Video

Ang Se Ang Lagale (1974)
Tanhaai (1972)
Insaaf (1973) tanuja ,vijay arora

Friends Video
Naa-Mumkin (1988)

Jeena Yahan (1979) Raftaar (1975)

divsfilmifreak said...

Fantastic Pics!!!

Regd the movies you mentioned,,,whenever you are back in Mumbai, i will take you to right place where you will get almost all out there :)

selwyn said...

Hi-believe in the power of the thought with passion and intensity.Its works like nothing else.I am sharing this incident with one and all,this power works.I am putting the AAHAT experience to great use and its producing amazing results.'THE POWER OF THE HUMAN MIND'.Let this passion get transported to other walks of life too,not just movies.AAHAT is bringing great changes in my life and now I beleive very affirmatively that we can achieve one and all thru' the power of the mind and not in leap years but instantaneously.

Selwy Fernandes said...

# Songs from dagdarbabu Duration Singer(s) Available?
1. agahan he sakhi 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
2. are nahin tora 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
3. are phagun maas re 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
4. bada re jatan 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
5. dekho rang men 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
6. dhan dhan he gandhi 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
7. dheere se muska ke 0:00 lata mangeshkar N
8. jago ho sadguru 0:00 asha bhosle N
9. jig jagi 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
10. mas asar hai 0:00 sapan chakravarti N
11. tu aayega mere dware 0:00 lata mangeshkar N
12. yeh preeti kaaran 0:00 sapan chakravarti

Selwy Fernandes said...

Dagdar Babu -what can be done to release the songs on audio-starting point-12 songs from 1 movie -amazing
pls chk the following link for info regarding incomplete movies
There is one starring-dev anand,shashi,dharmendra,rishi,hema,tina,hema,parvin,rakhi called ek do teen char

Exceptionalstories said...

Very few in the north know that Radha Saluja acted in the south Indian films

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing this very rare film and for that two very beautiful and rare songs. Can you please inform me about the name of the other Bindu mujra song, as I've searching for this film since very long.

Anonymous said...

Yes Radha Saluja acted with the former chief minister of late MGR.

Her debut tamil film was IdhayaKani a highly romantic film consisting of MGR and Radha Saluja romances where the 3 songs were highly erotic.

Radha Saluja was wearing one piece swim suit and sexy midi

Goutam said...

Could someone tell where the Navin Nischol starrer 1971 film 'Sansar' VCD or DVD available?

divsfilmifreak said...

@Bindu Qawali song = Saheb Yakeen karlo.

divsfilmifreak said...


Sansar is or will be releasing soon on T SERIES.

Tyaag said...

Does anybody have the movie Tyaag-sharmila tagore,rajesh khanna ????
its a rare film-i just ordered it for $12 from canada

Navin said...

How do u know tseries is releasing Sansar-where do u get this information
Navin Nischols movies not available are

chhalia with nanda
Desh Drohi with Saira banu
Sansar with anupama

movies lost for ever ??? said...

What happened to Feroz Khans jadutona where is it availabe in mumbai
dev anands prem shastra,sahib bahdur
Hema mailinis -naach uthe sansar,aanso aur muskan
zeenat amans -aaurat,vakil babu,gawahi,pyaas,jaanwar,prem shastra,darling darling,yaar kasam
saira banu's -lahu pukarega,koi jeeta koi haara
parveen babis-ek gunah aur sahi,dhuen ki lakir,mastaan dada
rekhas,vinod khanna dushman aur dost
jay bhaduri-jai jawan jai makan
rehana sultan-dil ki rahen,prem parbat,savera,zindagi aur toofan
zahiras,romesh -alingan
simi garewals-dak bangla,seema,do boon pani,siddhartha,pasan apni apni
mal sinha,sanjiv -archana,do ladkiyaan,kahani hum sub ki
vimis,shashi,joy -vachan,kahin aar kahin paar
sadhanas,raj kumar,anil dhawan-ulfat,,mehfil
tanujas,vinod mejra-ek thi rita,
asha parekh,vikram-akhri mujra
nutans,deb- mangetar
wahida rehman,joy-love in bombay
reena roy-zaroorat,madhosh,dhanwan
nandas,ajay,sameer -prayschit,katil kaun
zahira,kabir-anokha daan,alingan
prem naryan,kabir-maa bahen aur biwi
yogita bali,anil-samjautha
leena chandavarkar,dharm-rakhwala
kalpana,feroz -teesra kaun,tasveer
babita,sanjay-sone ke haath
vani ganpathy-vikram-pyasi nadi

divsfilmifreak said...

i had met a distributor of T Series,he told me about Mohan Sehgal films inc Sansaar [navin] to be released soon on T Series.

Most of them are released...i guess Sansaar too on its way.


lost movies said...

You seem to have big contacts
you said most of them are released -what do u mean by that? r u talking about the above list
if so -can u tell me where exactly in mumbai i can get them- ihave just ordered the following movies thru' an international company and its an expensive affair

sone ke haath,jadu tona,danav,cid 909,rakhwala-dharmendra,ek hasina do diwane,aaina-rajesh khanna,mein bikaaoo-director br ishara,saal solvan chadiya-rekha,vinod mehra

and many others i order from haryana-faridabad-onlineindian mart or mumbai i feel u do not have the rare colection

please advice wherei could get the above list or at least some of them
culd u give my list to ur t-series distributor friend -


Anonymous said...

Tseries has released Sansar

Priya videos has reelased Mahfil-sadhana

also have rare movies like

Sone ke haath
Cid 909
Aaina-rajesh khana
Ek hasina do diwane-babita

Anonymous said...

Dear Divs,
Your review of Aahat took me to down memory lane, Mr. Kishor Rege, Director of the film were my 'mama' (maternal uncle). This film was shooted in early seventies when I was 11-14 yrs old and took lot of pride in whatever he did. Mr rege was basically a film photographer and were associated with Arjun Hingorani (Kahani Kismat Ki, Khel Khiladi Ka etc) This movie you have reviewed (Aahat) was based on hollywood movie 'Wait Until Dark' starring Audrey Hepburn. No doubt that Jaya would have done justice for that role. This movie, had it been released at that time would not only been one of the memorable movie of Jaya but would have catapulted my mama Mr. Rege in Director's league but ...!! You might have also noticed that my mama was amongst the first few to cast Amrish Puri and Shriram Lagoo in hindi film. I am certain that He would have been given apt credit for this, had this film released at that time.
Thanks once again for taking all the efforts.
your's sincerely

Anonymous said...

In another film with Radha Saluja MGR will chase and hold Radha Saluja wearing a red tight swim suit in a lake in broad day light.

oh so sweety and sexy Radha saluja was in that song scene.
MGR was like father to her but treats her like a wife

Anonymous said...

MGR holding Radha Saluja who is younger than MGR by over 30 years, in a tamil film, will be wearing a short tight dress in a lake so much so that her thighs are revealed 90%.

MGR during that song scene will chase Radha Saluja and hug fondly over her undressed fleshy thighs. His left hand extending till her left knee and his right hand reaching till her waist after pushing the dress further up.

The very beautiful and sexy looking Radha Saluja will be looking very sexy during that time where MGR was fondly and lustily holding her.

Anonymous said...

my cock stands erect like an arrow when i think of that pose even now the pose MGR holding Radha Saluja in swim suit and carrying her like a baby.

Anonymous said...

Radha saluja and MGR were very sexy indeed
Time to enjoy and difficult to control your cock.
Wonder how MGR had controlled his cock while holding Radha Saluja's sexy thighs while looking at her beautiful face
and keeping his mouth on her burly big boobs.

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