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Amitabh & I

{I know I have been absent the whole last month –
Pls read the below article, which reveals the reason for my disappearance from the blog}

My mother says that the first movie which I had seen as an infant was SHOLAY, and maybe that must have been the one of the first reason for me loving Mr.Amitabh Bachchan so much. I grew up to his heroic films, Still cannot forget the larger than life films like AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY, NASEEB, SHAAN, MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR, KALA PATHAR, COOLIE and many more. I started watching the First Day movies of his films, later it became First Day First Show as I grew up. There are thousand and one memories of Amitabh Bachchan and his films, like all other major Bachchan Fans does. But then there are few which might be bit unusual like after watching NASTIK and DEEWAR, me too became an atheist and use to recite the dialogs in front of God{and was caught once by my dad and had got some great bashing's of my life}. Same followed when I use to enact the death scene of MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR or take a Gold Spot Bottle and sing “Log Kehte Hain Main Sharabi Hoon”. The Bashing by my father and Enacting the dialogs/scenes of Big B by me kept continuing, and the passion turned into obsession.

I use to love his super flop films also like JADUGAR, TOOFAN, AKAYLA, AJOOBA,etc had by hearted all the songs of such films too. His image was so big and dreamy for me that I used to believe almost everything and anything {larger than life stuff} said about him. For e.g. someone told me Amitabh has around 5000 Watches and Dark Glasses and whenever he meets a young fan of his he gifts them a watch or dark glasses, I remember wanting to meet him at that time and hoping to get a freebie by him. Some said he has a whole Island owned by him {I guess it was the SATTE PE SATTA wala island} and over there he only allows his die hard fans and enjoys with them by watching his films, songs and posters. When I bought his SUPREMO comics I use to believe he is real SUPREMO in his real life. These are only some few of the stories I use to hear and believe, the whole number was huge.

Years flew by the Passion was still intact , but with more of realism and less of dreamy Amitabh. I had a friend of mine when I was small and he use to collect picture cards of Amitabh Bachchan and had around 100+ cards and I use to always feel bit jealous of him but on other side also wished that I too posses something like this which can be my statement as an Amitabh fan. Then came my Movie collection phase and at that time I had decided that I will try to collect all Amitabh Bachchan’s films including his Guest Appearance films, Regional Films, Documentary, Stage Shows,etc. The hunt and search started and it was just few months back when I completed the whole collection. After that I started wondering what next, and the answer was to meet Mr.Amtabh Bachchan as I felt now I deserve to meet him as had his whole collection with me. Thus the new chapter started, which was to meet Mr.Amitabh Bachchan.

Last month on 4th feb at around 2.30pm Rj Anuraag Pandey called me and said “Bachchan se milna hain kya?” I was zapped and shocked and replied back “Milna hain ? boss you know the answer” and he laughed and asked me to immediately leave from my place and meet him. Anuraag knew my Obsession for Amitabh Bachchan, thus when an opportunity came he called me. I left all my work and immediately left for his office, later came to know this was for Radio promotion for TEEN PATTI. I and Anuraag took all the recording stuff and reached Mr.Bachchan’s Office “JANAK” which was a 3 storied huge Bungalow, where in Ground floor was full of Parking and 1st floor was AB.Corp office. Entire bungalow was filled with Mr.Bachchan’s Paintings, Murals, Awards, Trophies etc. We sat in a Study cum Meeting room where all Film fare Trophies were displayed and I felt I was in the palace ready to meet the King. We were told it will take around 10-15 Mins for Mr.Bachchan to come and thus I went to the restroom, there I was talking to myself that boss you are finally in the Den of Mr.Bachchan and now in his Rest room,etc,etc. The moment I came out we were told the meeting was canceled. It was so close and yet I missed it. We were told that there will another meeting next week as Mr.Bachchan was not feeling well that day.

Next week again we went to JANAK and this time I took DVD of SHOLAY, NAMAK HALAAL & PAA to get his autograph. Wore my best looking clothes and reached the place around 15 Mins earlier. We were joined by few another Rj’s of other radio station, out of which most were just there to do their job and were least interested in meeting the man, few dint even know anything much about him or had seen most of his best work. One or two called him Old Man,etc. I was least bothered as was just day dreaming my dream. I wanted to go to the rest room, but remembered the last time’s experience and thus decided not to have the bad omen. Finally the PRO guys came and told us that Mr.Bachchan was waiting in the above floor room, we rushed to the above floor and I could see Mr.Bachchan’s Hand {as he was sitting facing his back to the door} and just when I leaned forward to go inside I was stopped by the PRO. They said only 1 person at a time from a channel. I requested them that I just want to take his autograph and shake hands, the lady out there strictly refused it. I pleaded to her and after a while she said all the Rj’s are waiting, I replied back that I will wait as just want to meet for a few seconds only. I waited for almost 2 hours and when the last Rj was done I went back again and requested her and in reply she said I cant as international telephonic interviews are going to star, I told her Maam just few seconds and since no one is here, he wont mind, even Anuraag, who went out of the way and requested her along with few others but our request went through the deaf ears. We left JANAK without meeting the king.

Anuraag consoled me and said there will be more such opportunity so don’t feel bad, he promised me that he will do his level best as and when a opportunity will arise. I told him I felt more bad as those other Rj’s who dint deserved to meet him or dint care for him, met him and I was not allowed for just few seconds also. At that time I felt that there is no use of Knowledge or Passion in real life. Sorry Mr.Aamir Khan your theory of “Excellence ke peeche bhaago, success khud ba khud tumare peeche bhaagega” from 3 Idiots sounded bullshit to me as out here it was the success which overshadowed the excellence. I was so depressed and sad, I went home and sulked for so many days, my passion for movies and collecting movies started to puke me out whenever I thought of this.

Few days passed and just when I was trying to mellow down, My Guru Bhai G.K.Desai called me after the special screening of Shah Rukh Khan’s “MY NAME IS KHAN”. When I asked him how is the movie etc, he said “who sab baad mein, there was one situation in the film where SRK wants to meet the President of USA and he misses meeting him many times, then finally he does something unusual that in the end the President himself calls him and greets him. The reason I am telling you this is because even you should do something such that Mr.Bachchan too should call you and meet you with pride and not in such forgetful or massy manner”. I was shaken and yes agreed with G.K that what is the point in meeting him like a normal fan, and should meet him in a dignified manner.

Next day I and Anuraag went to Enlighten Society’s film screening of AGNEEPATH{This fine film society was showcasing Amitabh Bachchan’s new and old movies every Sunday morning}. Once the movie got over we went to a DVD store and met Tanvi who was one of the organizers from the team of Enlighten Society. She told us that in last Sunday of the month they are planning to have a fans interaction with Mr.Bachchan and then are going to award him a trophy for his 40 years in Hindi cinema. She said they want to make 4 Mini AV’s featuring Mr.Bachchan’s films from each decade and after each AV there will be interaction with him. Anuraag immediately introduced me to Tanvi and said he is the man who is Bachchan’s great fan and has entire collection of his moves. As the chat grew more I gave a suggestion of showing an AV featuring his Unreleased films clip, Regional films clips and Documentary Clips. Tanvi was totally in for it and loved the idea. I too was super excited as knew in my heart that by doing this, there are chances of getting another opportunity {kya kare boss …dil to baccha hai ji}.

Now along with this AV I had to make all other decades AV too, so I and Anuraag jotted down the films and scenes and I got all DVD’s and together we went to the editors place to make the AV’s. after the hard work of few days and few sleepless nights {worked till 3 am in night}. Tried to include his fav films, fav scenes, scenes which matched his personality, his nature,etc. in the Rare stuff {which I had prepared} added a scene where he is praising about his fans,etc. All the AV’s were ready and they looked great, and I requested the Enlighten society guys to give me a opportunity to put my name after the AV and later in show allow to present a Bouquet of flowers to Mr.Bachchan, they readily agreed after seeing the passion and hard work. But somewhere in my heart the fear of not meeting him was still there as had burned my fingers earlier.

After the work was done, the wait and excitement was growing more and more. Finally the D Day came and in morning I tried dozen of dresses and finally settled for a smart shirt, jean and a blazer. Then went to buy a bouquet of flowers and added some Lilies in it as knew he loved them a lot. Before the event there was a screening of his latest film PAA. My family and friends went inside the screening with all other members and boss the hall was House Full, people sat on stairs and gangway and saw the movie. After that the preparation for the event started. At that time Pranav {the founder of the society} came and told me that they will do my bouquet stuff in the end. I had no other options other than accepting it {but this was not done boss, you guys had promised me when you took my help for making AV''s and all my Collection}. Again the event was Jam pack and there was not a single space which was not occupied. I was standing near the stage exit and as turned around saw the man entering. Wow he looked so great, dashing and yes it was flesh. For few moment all the applause's, cheers faded out in my ears as I was just watching him and only him, his eyes, smile, clothes, watch, shoes, jacket,etc. Then started the event with my AV of Rare and Unreleased Scenes {featuring unreleased film scenes, scenes from Bangla, Punjabi, Marathi and Bhojpuri films, Scenes from his documentary and stage shows - A Collection which took me years to collect}. I was watching the crowd reaction, my film on big screen and Mr.Bachchans expressions as I was sure he must be totally amazed to see all these after so many decades, and finally my name came on the Big screen once the AV got over and people applauded, and I could see Mr.Bachchan trying to read my name and I was thrilled. After that the event started and all other decades AV’s were shown and Interaction with the star too started which was done by Bhavana Somaiya. Loads of people started to gather near the stage and my fear started to grow more as I knew in end there will be a Kiosk and I would again be a looser. I started day dreaming my failure and at that time Anuraag called me and said to hand over the bouquet to the Super star. I went there and Anuraag introduced softly {as all other were busy in some other stuff and organizing place to keep the award for Mr.Bachchan} by saying that sir he is the one who made the AV’s and Mr.Bachchan took the bouquet with a smiling face and shook hands with me. The whole world slowed down and I could just see his smile and hear my slow heart beat. I remember that song from K3G "Main tham sa gaya zameen hilne lagi" And in fraction of second I was back on side stage and yes had greeted the King. Suddenly i was back in the real world and all noise and other people staring at me with smile and Mr.Bachchan was on his seat with the flowers {He seemed to loved the Lily's}and the event resumed its work. I wanted to dance, yell, do crazy thing, but just controlled my self, went back stage and jumped with joy. Came back from other side and stood just next to him for whole event and enjoyed watching and hearing him {he spoke so well about all the decades, shared a lot of great information, trivia's and rocked the evening}.

Once the event got over I came to know that the photographers could not get the perfect picture, but it dint bother me as I was in my trance. I dint shake my hand with anyone as it was touched by my Fav Actor. I had proved my self and yes made myself, My Family and Friends proud. Many people came and greeted me for my work and congratulated including people from Enlighten Society. I was feeling so great, relaxed and Ya Tired too{after standing non stop for so many hours in wait of greeting him}.

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As it happens in film's that one day the good wins and all goes well, same to happened in my life too. It was victory of my Excellence, My Passion, My Love for Hindi Films and for all those people who love me and my Passion. When GK had told me the MY NAME IS KHAN chapter, I had replied back to him saying “Boss yeh sab filmo mein hota hain” at that time GK said “Boss tu bhi to Filmi hai, you take lessons and learning from films, so in a way films are part of your life so there are chances of such thing happening in your life too”. He was soo right and yes like a film and fairy tales my tale too ended on a great note and made me believe that films and fairy tales too becomes true sometimes just like in my case- Maloom…Eaih…English bolta hain.... :)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

{P.S- Still in the Shock.....and thus i am pinching myself to see that its not the dream...Nah...not for this time... :)}


GK said...

So finally my words have come true !!!

Gaurav K said...

sach aur saahas hai jiske mann mein, anth mein jeet usi ki rahegi!

well done Dude! None of all who I know deserves to meet the legend in flesh more than you!

Let me know get down to making a similar footage video of Aamir Khan :-)

kcp said...

Lovely experience !!
Just a handshake :( Wish it was for more time.

divsfilmifreak said...

Check this out -
BIG B on his BLOG =
"it was remarkable how they had set up a visual delight of various clips from films seen, unseen and right down to my latest attempt."

Wow....Thanks Sirji.... :)

Link =

saratchandra said...

wow that is a wondeful description man...felt as if i was readind my experience. wonderful. all the best.

andy said...

I am so happy for you --ur luv for films have taken u so far ..and ur passion took you rite in front of Mr. Bachchan...wish u all the luck friend..Tc

hardik raychanda said...

loved reading the narration. i mean i could just feel it.
so glad for you.
but not satisfied with just the handshake for sure. i wish you meet him again with lots of time from him. just like u met chintuji.
hope for the best.

Unknown said...

Fantastic, super , it feel like been there , BOSS reading all made me believe that one day my Dream of meeting my HERO will come true too ... and then i will also (I dint shake my hand with anyone as it was touched by my Fav Actor.) :)

Unknown said...

Hey Ravi/Babu/Don/Vijay/Amit/Jai/Anthony/Sikandar/Babu Mushai/Iqbal,

Divs bhai you have really created history!!!I know meeting Big B if u r a professional media person is not that difficult now as the Kaalia is now more media friendly than ever.However,for a die-hard fan of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan,like us meeting him in flesh and blood is reason enuf to feel elated.But,Guru Bhai u have not just met-John-Johny-Janardhan but infact made the audio-video for him which he watched and apparently liked.I know that when he was trying to read ur name in the credit ,seeing his lips reading ur name must have literally frozen you.

Trust me Shankar ji,that I am very very very happy for you for this rare moment.Films are a madness for some but for me hindi films and Aby’s 70’s-80’s films are a mania even now.Our friendship started cause of this mania and though we have our difference of opinion on Big B post 2000 yet one thing which is common for us is that even with the bad films and moronic ads,Big b is still the best superstar-actor to ever been born in this world.I can feel the state of trance you felt after shaking hands with Ronnie as its not that everyone living in Mumbai gets to meet the Shahenshah.As far as a film buff is concerned I guess you have finally realized ur dream of meeting Sarkar.

The fact that Chotu Ustaad had mentioned briefly about the AVs is testimony to the fact that he was impressed by them.So “Vikki Babu utha lo jam aur kar do yeh din-Arjun Singh walde bheem Singh wald Dashrath Singh ke naam!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Divya,

It was lovely reading you post..

Felt emotional and excited and happy at the same reading your feelings and the narration.The narration has soul at his right place..

I too am a fan of Ab Sir... pata nahi apna number kab aayega ;)

Best of lucks my friend..

Wish you meet Sir and have chat with him which is long enough and again you can write and share the experience..

Amit pandey

Unknown said...

Bro....I always knew that one day you are going to do it.....It must have been one of the most amazing experiences of your life...Touchwood...we will be hearing a lot about you in future and may you have all your wishes coming true....God bless...

Unknown said...

congratulations.the post was fabulous.i coud see it happening in front of my eyes.wonderful.hope u get a much better experience when u meet him agian.
all the best.

Unknown said...

congratulations.the post was fabulous.i coud see it happening in front of my eyes.wonderful.hope u get a much better experience when u meet him agian.
all the best.

puneet said...

many congratulations.....wonderful once in a lifetime experiences...

Anonymous said...

jo video boss ko dikhaya wo to upload karo, hum bhi to dekhe.

puneet said...

can u upload the av ............

Alice said...

Hey buddy, You are Amitabh Bachchan Fan No 1.
You are not loud or over the top like many others.
Keep the good work.

divsfilmifreak said...

Forgot to Update :

Mr.Amitabh Bachchan had read this page and had loved it...

" ab says:
March 23, 2010 at 1:17 pm

divya … honored and humbled"

Link :

NIdhi said...


Congrats!! sach mein maza aa gaya... ur hard work is really appreciable!!

Thanks for the post!!

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