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Starring: Navin Nischol, Saira Banu, Rakesh Pandey, Pran, Ranjeet, Dev Kumar & Padma Khanna.

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Music – Kalyanji Anandji

Genre- Mystery / Thriller

Memory of the film: I love Prakash Mehra’s films and for me his combo with Amitabh Bachchan was fantastic. But besides Big B – Prakash Mehra films {Post Zanjeer} there were few films which were good, but rest all were nowhere near the Super Combo films. After completing all Big B – Prakash Mehra combo films I started to watch other films by the maker {Post Zanjeer}, films like Hath Ki Safai, Jwalamukhi, Mohabatt Ke Dushman, etc. I along with many other my age friends had never heard about the film – Desh Drohi. Image and video hosting by TinyPic It was some three four years back someone asked me about this film and I was totally zapped. Later I came to know that this was a Suspense Thriller and that too in early 80’s, Image and video hosting by TinyPicand thus the hunt for this film started.

Hunt for the film: I asked almost all collector friends of mine about this film, sadly no one had it. Only few claimed that they had seen it when the film was released. After inquiring in India, Pakistan, Germany, UK, USA, Dubai etc I finally gave up for this film. But deep in heart wanted to see this film desperately just for a single reason – Prakash Mehra. Suddenly I came to know that a friend of mine in Mauritius has traced a VHS of this film. Image and video hosting by TinyPicI contacted that friend who first refused to part with this film as had paid a heavy price for this film. But later agreed to share it with me, as he knew my mad passion of Hindi movie watching. It took some time to get hold of the film and when I got, for firs t time I dint waste any time and directly viewed it.

Impact in today's time: After Mammoth expectation and having watched all films of Prakash Mehra, initially was feeling bit odd while watching the film. The film was a Suspense Thriller {sadly someone had already revealed the Suspense to me earlier} Image and video hosting by TinyPic and stuck to its theme from first shot till the end. It hardly went hay way in between, but the flow was bit slow and also the plot later resembled quite similar to S.Ramanathan’s ‘Dial 100’. Also the whole 70’s era style, lifestyle, etc dint blend with the backdrop of British era. Songs were nice but nothing in comparison with Mehra’s other flicks, still Kishore song Image and video hosting by TinyPic along with a cabaret number impresses you. I was looking for Prakash Mehra’s unique style in the film and somewhere I found it lost in the film. But in the climax time I got to witness some unique stuff, the whole climax was shot in graveyard. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mehra gave the film bit of Ramsay type touch and created the whole Suspense-Mystery darker in the end. Image and video hosting by TinyPic The visuals, Shots, Suspense were nice and still hold you to watch this film.

Mehra tried to capture the Victoria 203 pair in this film, Image and video hosting by TinyPic but the pair lacked the chemistry it had in the earlier super hit film. Saira Banu looked bit old and the grace was missing. Navin Nischol did a decent job. Dev Kumar with his Fake Iron Hook Image and video hosting by TinyPic hand reminded of all the Bond movies. Ranjeet, Asrani, Yunus Pervez, Madan Puri did their part. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pran in special appearance had some good get ups in the film. Padma Khanna’s cabarets were entertaining. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Verdict – For all Prakash Mehra and Hindi Suspense Thriller fans Image and video hosting by TinyPic, you got to see this film. Kalyanji Anandji’s musical score is also a reason for watching this film. For rest I guess let’s stick to Prakash Mehra - Big B combo only.


divsfilmifreak said...

Would love to read some feedback from the people who had seen this film...

GK said...

Gaama,I have no words to explain my ecstasy after seeing these clips. If you have noticed the censor committee had a second viewing of it for the climax of this film. It is a revised "A" certificate that says it all. One of the rarest of rare "SUSPENSE" films in Hindi Cinema.I remember i had seen this film during the Ganpati Festival,Warden Road in 1980 and what a coincidence you got the copy in the Ganpati Festival 2010, 3 decades later.I doubt if anybody in India has a copy of this film, a rarest of rare collector's item. My advice to you :Dont share it with it anybody, its priceless !!! GOD BLESS U !!! GK

divsfilmifreak said...

Wow Great Share GK. :)

lost movies said...

very interesting -such passion,similar to mine,can i get a copy of this film,as u would see on the AAHAT site i have put my lost movies and Desh Drohi is there,however i must tell u i had watched the movie in 1980,but do not recollect -i just have a passion for lost movies nothing else.i remember seeing it at alankar-grant road-was this film ever released on dvd/vcd.why have all these movies got lost.
u could perhaps convince ur Tseries friend to release it ,as perhaps the rights are available for selling.this must be prakash mehras only film that is not available on dvd,but if talk about prakash mehra-jaadugar was a total disaster.recently i watched dharmendra's samadhi and thought it was fantastic-the songs were great

lost movies said...

coming to navin nischol-saira banu -this is the only movie not available on dvd-the others mounto,paise ki guidya,victoria no 203 are all available.mounto is also a rare film which i got from onlineindian mart faridabad -also a tseries release.

chaitali -saira banu dharmendra is also lost and so is koi jeet koi hara-saira banu ,shashi kapur

lost movie said...

there are also movies like Yeh such hai-rehana sultan,maan jaiye-rehana sultan available at onlinemart(both tseries).also jurm aur sazaa-recently ladki pasand hai -mumtaz has just got relased by friends dvd ,also sazaa -yogita bali

tseries is the only company that releases such rare gems.
have u watched marg-by mahesh bhat-hema malini,vinod khanna,dimple released by moser baer-movie that never had a theatre release

lost movies-hope the situation changes to lost & found said...

Hi- finally i am convinced that ur passion for lost movies is as intense as mine .I spend a lot of time surfing the net for rare gems.

I will soon be having Sone ke Haath-sanjay khan,babita,cid 909,rakhwala-dharmendra,danav,ek hasina do diwane,jadu tona,aaina-mumtaz,tyaag-sharmila-one of the lost movies.
Had spoken to Girish from Friends videos several times,he informed he had the rights for the following movies ,but they have not yet been released.
Kissa Kursi ka
Ladki pasand hai-mumtaz(just released)
Sone Ke Haath
Ek Gunah Aur sahi-parveen babi,sunil dutt
(had watched this movie in the 90's on VHS),
now the passion for lost movies is so intense that i am looking out for this movie again,else i could have kept a copy those days)
Girish informed me that though they had the rights for Ek Gunah Aur Sahi-the master was destroyed and so could not release it.
Does that mean there is no copy of this movie on planet earth.

Movies lost in the wilderness said...

Most of my lost movies are available in Canada and feel very excited about it.I am a landed migrant and wld be there within 6 months.I had purchased this movie Tyaag from ebay and the person happened to be from Canada,now we have initiated a dialogue and he has informed me that most of my lost movies are avaialble there -i have asked him to mention which movies from my lost list of movies r avaialble in far off canada.

Movies lost on planet earth said...

Completed but unreleased films
1>Aaj Ki Dhara (not released) Wahida Rehman,Rehana Sultan 1979
2>Arambh (not released) saira banu(not released) 1976
3>Aag Ka Dariya (not released) Dilip kumar,Rekha 1980
4>Aman Ke farishtey Dev anand,Hema Malini 2003
4>Dagdar Babu (not released) Jaya Bachchan,Dharmendra 1975
5>Gul-e-Bakavali(not released) Reena Roy,Feroz khan,Sulkasna Pandit 1984
6>Katil Kaun (not released) Nanda,Samir Khan 1974
7>Libas (not released) Shabana,Raj,Nasiruddin 1983
8>Sweet heart (not released) Shashi kAPOR,Asha Parekh 1970
9>Zamanat (not released) Amitabh,Karishma Kapor 2008
10>asliyat nanda,sanjay

movies lost to recycle bin but need to saved before purge process begins said...

1>Aurat Zeenat Aman,Shashi Kapur 1986
2>Aakhri Mujra -- Asha Parekh,Vikram,Zarina wahab 1980
3>Asliyat Nanda,Sanjay khan 1974
4>Anokha Daan Kabir Bedi,Zahira,anil dhawn 1972
5>Ansoo Aur muskan -- Hema Malini,Pariskhat Sahni 1970
6>Alingan Romesh sharma,Zahira, 1973
7>Archana Mala Sinha,Sanjiv Kumar 1973

9>Chhalia Nanda,Navin Nischol 1973
10>Chori Chori Sanjay Khan,Radha saluja,Simi 1973
11>Cid 909 Feroz khan,mumtaz 1967
12>Do Jhoot Moushami,Vinod mehra 1975
13>Darling Darling Zeenat Aman,Dev anand 1976

14>Do ladkiyan Mala sinha,Sanjeev kumar 1977
15>Dost Aur dushman vinod khanna,rekha 1971
16>Dak Bangla Simi Garewal 1972
17>do boond pani Simi,kiran kumar 1972
18>Dhuen Ki lakir Parvin Babi,Ramesh Arora 1974
19>Daughters of this century Jaya Bachchan,Shabana,Dipti 2000
20>Dil Ki Rahen Rehana Sultan,Rakesh Pandey
21>Desh Drohi Saira banu,navin nischol
22>Ek Naari Do Roop Shatrugan sinha 1973
23>Ek Gunah Aur Sahi Sunil Dutt,Parvin Babi 1980
24>Ek thi Rita Vinod Mehra,Tanuja 1971
25>Gaman Faruq Sheikh,smita Patil 1978
26>Gawahi -- zeenat aman

Lost for now said...

27>Janwar -- Rajesh Kahana,Zeenat Aman 1982
28>Jadu Tona -- Reena Roy,Feroz Khan 1985
29>Jai Jawan Jai Makan Jaya Bhaduri,Anil Dhaan 1971
30>Jaana-lets fall in love -- Zeenat Aman,Rajesh khanna 2008
31>kahni hum sub ki Mala sinha 1972
32>Kahin Aar Kahin Paar Vimi,Joy 1971
33>Koi Jeeta Koi Hara Saira banu 1976
34>Love in Bombay Joy Mukerji
35>Lahu Pukarega - Sunil Dutt,Feroz Khan,Saira Banu 1980
36>Mangetar Nutan,Deb Mukerji
37>Mehfil -- Sadhana,Anil Dhawan 1980
38>Mastaan Dada Sanjay khan,parveen babi 1978
39>Maa Bahen Aur Biwi Kabir Bedi,Prema Narayan 1973
40>madhosh - Reena roy,rakesh roshan 1974
41>Nach Uthe Sansar Hema Malini,Shashi Kapor 1976
42>Operwala Jane Rehana Sultan,Vinod mehra 1974
43>Prem Parbat Rehana Sultan,Satish Kaul 1973
44>Prem Shastra -- Dev anand,Zeenat aman 1973
45>Pyaas Zeenat Aman,Tanuja,Kanwalji 1982
46>Pyasi Nadi Vikram,Vani Ganpathy 1973
47>Prayschit Parishat Sahni,Nanda 1974
48>Pasand Apni Apni Simi Garewal 1971
50>Samjutha Anil Dhawan,Yogita bali 1973
51>Sidhartha Simi Garewal,shashi kapur 1972
52>Seema Simi,Kabir Bedi 1971
53>Savera - Rehana Sultan-Sajid Khan,Kiran kumar 1972
54>Sone Ke Haath Babita, Sanjay Khan 1973
55>Tyaag Sharmila Tagore,Rajesh Khanna 1978
56>Tasveer Feroz Khan,Kalpana 1966
57>Teesra Kaun Feroz Khan,Kalpana 1965
58>Vakil Babu -- Zeenat Aman,shashi kapor 1982
59>Ulfut ki nayi Manzil Sadhana,Raaj Kumar,Wahida Rehamn 1994
60>Zindagi aur toofan- Rehana Sultan,Sajid Khan,Yogita Bali.1975
61>Zaroorat Reena Roy,Vijay Arora 1973
62>27 Down -- Rakhi gulzar 1972
63>Vachan-- Vimi,shashi kapoo

divsfilmifreak said...

@Movies lost

I would love to give you DESHDROHI and other which you want.
if you want you can come to my place and watch it.

BTW pls share your details, Email me about u on DIVSLORDOFMOVIES@YAHOO.CO.IN

ya i have seen VHS days and later in VCD days too.

also i guess i have quite few movies from the above list... :)

\excited said...

Vow i am excited -actually frozen,r there any movies that you need like

Yeh Such Hai
Maan Jaiye
Jurm Aur Sazaa
Pyar ka rishta-mumtaz,sameer

Anonymous said...

Well u know me I am the same person who was so passionate about AAHAT-selwyn from bahrain

oracle said...

I'll be in mumbai between bakri idd 6th nov and the following week,though i wld be very busy,as i am coming to do a course in oracle between dates 22n of now this is tentative

oracle said...

i mean 16th november

lost movies said...

please please tell me which r the movies u have from my list

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