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Amitabh & I {Part 2}

Part 1 =

I have divided my memories of the meet in a film formats

{Concept, Making, Promo, Movie, After effects and Final Verdict}


4th Feb 2010 was the first time I entered ‘JANAK’ the workplace of Shri Amitabh Bachchan. Sadly Sir was not keeping well and thus the meet was canceled. Again after a week I Re-Visited ‘JANAK’ but thanks to the P.R.O I was unlucky again. I had met loads of Stars and Super Stars from Hindi film industry, but the meet for Megastar was not an easy one. Thus got an opportunity and a chance to create a Video for Sir, which consist of Rare stuffs and was shown to him on the big screen with loads of fans and media around. Sir loved the video and accepted my wishes and bouquets. And the cherry on the cake was him replying it in the blog. I was on top of the world. But still not satisfied, as it was a public meet and not a personal meet.

More than 9 months later, I decided to do something for Sir’s birthday and it was at that time when Kishore Bhatt {U.K} suggested me to do something with my collection of Big B’s All films {Inc Guest App, Regional and more}. So I started the “BIG B – MAHA YAGYA” where I kept watching a film of Sir’s in chronological manner and will share some details {like diary format} about it. For proof sake I use to capture the image of that film’s scene from the VCD/DVD/VHS i had. Initially the comments were less, but people started liking the picture selection of mine, which motivated me to write more about the particular film. Thus I decided to share Trivia’s, Inputs of other celebrities whom I had met, Rare Stuff, Etc. This added the much required spice to the comments and was liked by many.


I was on verge of completing 50 Days and Kishore wanted to celebrate it with my B’day by making me meet BIG B. sadly on that time he was busy with ‘SAVE TIGER’ campaign and thus my meet dint take place. After that my health conditions started going bad and suddenly I got a call from Another sweet FMXT Nidhi. She said “I am coming to Mumbai to meet Sir and we all are going to go”. I asked her “We??” and she said “Yes I asked them about your meet and they said they are not able to contact me, but I have told them you will” and I smiled back saying “who won’t?” I immediately checked my FB and found Kishore’s message about the meet, I confirmed him and he gave me number of Barun. Barun and I connected within seconds of our talk and he said I will be going with Dharmesh and Fly. But still nothing is confirmed.

With pain in Kidney and happiness in heart I was having a different phase of my life. I was given the dates {which were changed and my meet was re-scheduled with Devkishen Ji, Alok & Sameer} of meet and the countdown began. Sadly Nidhi too became unwell and her meet was on verge of cancellation. I too had to get myself admitted to hospital, but now with this opportunity there was no way I was going to do that. I got good support from my family and doctor. He kept me on high dose of medicines and prayed that I don’t get the pain attack again. I too started avoiding long visits and tried to take as much rest as much I could. This worked and pain dint trouble me till the D Day.


On 24th Dec 2010 I got up with loads of Excitement in my heart, but with that my pain too had started a bit. I tried to overlook at it and went ahead with the chores of the day for the event of lifetime. I was making another Video for sir which contained all his Regional films, Guest App Films {inc Naya Bakra, Commander, Charandas and more}, Documentaries and other footage’s {Thanks to the bad health, I was not able to add many more rare interviews, shooting videos, deleted scenes and many more in the video; thus copied them on pen drive}. I got it burned on DVD {As my laptop DVD writer has gone for toss}. After loads of discussion with my wife regarding the gift for sir, we bought a fantastic gift from exclusive collection of DEYANI. It was a designer creation of LORD GANESH in form of JULIUS CESAR {Coming from the world of Architecture and Interior Designer, I knew JANAK has god collection of artifacts and this one being a designer collection will find its place out there}. After a decent haircut and shave, I and my family were ready for the great moment. Last time I had met Sir wearing a Blazer, thus this time I decided to go in total Traditional avatar.

We left home co-coordinating with Alok and Sameer. We left bit early as wanted to buy some more stuffs for sir, but as sir keeps writing about Mumbai’s fantastic traffic at late mid-day too we got stuck in traffic. Thanks to the extra time kept, we decided to go directly to ‘JANAKImage and video hosting by TinyPic and at 5.30 sharp we were there. I called up Alok {in whose name the meet was registered}, but was not able to connect with him. Thus we entered inside and I met Rakesh who immediately recognized me for my last visit and was very happy that this time I will finally meet the man himself directly.

I proudly showed the painting and whereabouts of JANAK to my family {as had visited there earlier}. I called up Alok and came to know that he was too stuck in traffic jam. At 5 mins Rakesh came and said Sir is here and ready to meet you in next 5 mins. I told him I am waiting for my group people, who will be coming any moment, he offered me to meet alone and then if my group people come at time they can join me. I was in dilemma, but remembered the bitter taste of not meeting sir. So decided to wait for my fellow mates. My family too respected my decision. Within few minutes we were joined by 5-10 more people who were from Amitabh Bachchan Yahoo group. Sameer and Alok too joined us, but I guess it was late as Rakesh had Re-Scheduled out meet with Yahoo group guys.

I connected myself with Yahoo group guys and we all started chatting about unreleased films of Sir. Wow it’s always fun to chat endlessly about Sir and his movies with like minded people. We were moved to bigger area and were waiting for Sir. All were nervous and tensed.


And the Man himself in flesh arrived and all out jaws were out {I am sure some flies must had entered in out open mouths at that time, as started having butterflies in stomach}. He was looking so smashing and there was “TEJ” on his face, a divine look I must say. We all started taking his blessings by touching his divine feet.Image and video hosting by TinyPic My son was the first to go to him and ask for Autograph on DVD cover of SHOLAY {Rare Version – I already had Ramesh Sippy’s Autograph on it and now got Sir’s next on the list is Dharamendra}. PRATYAY {My Son} decided to write a Dairy from this day {as it’s his best day of life} and thus asked Sir for his autograph on it. Sir was so happy to hear about the Diary and along with his autograph wrote all the best wishes on few pages. After Pratyay’s turn, it was my turn and I gave Sir the Lord Ganesh gift which he loved it and was happy to see Lord in this different form of Art. Image and video hosting by TinyPic He thanked me and at that time I Introduced myself “Sir I am Divya Solgama …” and before I could say more he replied back with a smile “ Oh so you are Divya Solgama, tell me one thing aap blog pe hamesha number two ki position pe kaise aate hai?”. I was zapped and asked him immediately like a small boy “Sir Do you read my comments”. He smiled and said “Jee haan main aap ka Maha Yagya padta rehta huImage and video hosting by TinyPicand sir pictures” “who bhi dekhta hu and mujhe achte lagte hai woh.., haan jawab nahi de paa raha hu, lekin mein sab pad raha hu..achi tarah kariye aap ka Maha Yagya.” I was so happy and wanted to dance, but then remembered the DVD {at that time the Yahoo Group guys too started getting their Autographs}. I gave the DVD to sir {he handed it to his staff} and told him that I have made this video of all Rare stuffs inc portions of NAYA BAKRA, COMMANDER, CHARANDAS and loads of more. Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe moment sir heard all these names he turned back to his staff and instructed him to hand over the DVD to him at night as he wants to watch it, and then thanked me for Lord Ganesh and DVD.

Then the group pictures session started and we all moved from the stairs platform to the different background. My wife was doing her duties by taking pictures of me and my son. After the pictures, Sir chatted with Alok and Family, followed by Sameer and were joined by Devkishen Ji too. At that time my wife went to Sir and asked for Autograph on NAMAK HALAL DVD. I told sir that this is her Fav. film and she has watched it for more than 160-170 times, and whenever we watch the film we mute the volume as she keeps repeating the dialogs. Sir looked at her and laughed in typical BIG B Style. I also told him that when I was trying to woo her I use to use some dialogs from Namak Halal to impress her and sir again gave a big laughter. At that time RACHANA {My Wife} told sir – 'Sir you still look so handsome' and you guys won’t believe sir smiled and was blushing. I asked sir for a Hug and he immediately hugged me and Pratyay. I also asked for a Solo picture and he called Rachana ahead to take a perfect picture and it was at that time I had a Picture perfect moment.Image and video hosting by TinyPic In between I wanted sir to speak to Nidhi, but the network was bad and thus I and Alok requested sir to speak to Nidhi. I also told sir that it was Kishore’s idea to make the collection of Rare Videos {which included my earlier Video made in month of Feb and new collections} and gift it to sir and later upload it at BIG B Face book Group.

The show was on its last moment as Producer Bunty Walia had come and sir had a meeting with him. When he was to leave we told him to take care of his health and I requested him to sleep early and to take care of his health. In return he again smiled and said “Aap Bhi”.Image and video hosting by TinyPic {later i came to know he knew all about my health conditions} And as sir started climbing the stairs I shouted loudly “LONG LIVE SAHENSHAH” and all cheered and clapped. Sir again Smiled {He has a Million Dollar Smile} and waved us the final goodbye.


We all were so happy and thrilled and were on verge of dancing. We all took group pictures and also took pictures with Rakesh and other places. We did not want to leave and wanted to catch more of Sir {which we did when he was moving around and we sang ‘Jitne Baazu Utne Sar’}. When we came out we chatted with yahoo Group guys {I don’t know why Santosh was referring to me as GURU, I loved meeting him and Manoj}. And then for almost 20 minutes I, Devkishan Ji, Sameer and Alok chatted on and on over Sir, Blog and all our FMXT’s. We never felt that we were meeting for first time and gelled so much with each other just like some old college friends meet at Re-Union. Man what an assembly of fans it was…with my 6-7 years old Kid to 75 years old Devkishan ji; fans from four generation were there. They all wished me to get well soon. We finally left on a promise note of planning a Big FMXT Mumbai Meet very soon.

As I sat in my car, my legs were trembling with tiredness and over stressed. But who cared, my whole family was on 7th sky and we were floating along with the clouds out there. I immediately called up Barun & Nidhi. Barun was so happy to know about our meeting, though it was just 20-25 mins but I guess Sir gave quality time to our FMXT’s {At least I got it and I am sure Alok and Sameer too}. Barun too told me to get well soon and be back to Maha Yagya. Nidhi on other side was not feeling well, but was happy that we all met sir. We were so sad and felt sorry for her.

I and my wife saw all the pictures, Autographs and remembered all the moments. I was so happy as Sir complimented me for my Maha Yagya and satisfied all my need and wishes { one was left, as I wanted to show the Video to Sir, but in the big arena Video facility was not available}. We were in my car for almost 45- 50 Min outside JANAK and then suddenly realized we were damn hungry and decided to celebrate our fantastic day.


We left the venue thanking Kishore, Nidhi, Barun and Rakesh for today’s memorable day with loads of sweet memories. JANAK had been a bad experience for me in past and finally I got opportunity to be back at same place and meet Sir.Image and video hosting by TinyPic My wife asked me “So are you satisfied with today’s meet”, I replied back “Aree Yeh Milna Bhi Koi Milna Hai Laloo – Aaai”…..and we laughed as we knew when it comes to Sir we can never ever get satisfied, and if we will then I guess that would be only after the last day of our life.


Anonymous said...

Hey Divya.. First of All Congratulations!! You are really very-2 lucky!! and you have explained the meeting so well, while reading i am feeeling like as if i met wid him.. Thank you so very much for the details of your meeting with the living legend..Shri Amitabh Bachchan... i am experiencing Goosebumps.. PLease take care of your health n convey my wishes to Nidhi :)

divsfilmifreak said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...


wonderfully written....take care...

Sameer Chouhan

Anonymous said...

HI Divya..
U explained your meeting with sir very well..
the pics are damn good.. Prats reactions r awesome... AB's happiness is not less than your ;) (pics shows) wud that i were there.. but alas..

and one thing more whole credit goes to ur hard work ur love sincerity, Kishore and Barun's Efforts.. i had no role in it.. Thank u so very much!! Take Care!!

Nidhi (FMXT)

devendra jadhav said...

Hey Dear Your Dream come true now...................

AkhtaR said...

Awesome sirji....


I can understand what does that meeting meant to you....

even being on 9th cloud was too smalll infront of that..

:) Cheers...

Anonymous said...

god bless you ...and meeting the Big B in person ..i am sure every indian's dream ...Lucky you ...Take care buddy

Abhi Khare said...

sir ji tussi great ho maan gaye guru chaa gaye maza aa gaya pic and apki writing skill dekh kar kya karte ho kahan the kalam padko aur jeet lo talwar aur bandook se sab jeetate hain aap kalam se jeeto

Anonymous said...

wow divya bhai tht was gr8!! loved the way u hv written. Hats off to u!! Take care of ur health!

Hari Narayan said...

Wow sir....what a moment it must have been!! Enjoyed reading your 'scene-by-scene narration'..

I am sure all the pain in your body must have evaporated on just getting a glimpse of his indefatigable larger-than-life persona and a taste of his baritone voice.....I can see the child-like, unadulterated joy in your eyes in the photograph

Please take care of your health and I wish you have many such meetings..

divsfilmifreak said...


divsfilmifreak said...

Many more meets happened with Shri AMITABH BACHCHAN after this article...some were surprise meet [Premier of RAGINI MMS, AARAKSHAN], Some were short [Music Launch of BHTB], Few for work [BHTB, AARAKSHAN], One - Direct with him for an hour [In his personal room] followed by Meet at his birthday 11.10.2011.

Waiting for many many more such meet.....

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