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RARE & EXCLUSIVE VIDEO : Top 5 Films where you could have seen AAMIR KHAN!!!

Every filmmaker would be dying to work with Aamir Khan in their project, but there are some films in which he was supposed to act, but was replaced!

We bring you some exclusive and rare feature - 
'Top 5 Films Where You Could Have Seen Aamir Khan'  

Aamir Khan - As we mention the name of Mr. Perfectionist, we begin to recollect all those great films he has given us, along with his astounding performances in it. Also one remembers his meticulous nature, and above all, his contribution towards Hindi Cinema. Many of his ardent fans somewhere do have a small complaint with this ace actor of being very selective about his films.
After doing films like 'Yaadon Ki Baarat' & 'Madhosh' as a child actor, he experimented with films like 'Subha Subha' & 'Holi' (For FTII & Doordarshan), till his first big release 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak'. Since then, this actor has worked in around 40 films, which in comparison to his contemporaries are pretty less. However, just like every other actor even Aamir Khan was suppose to be a part of many more projects to which he was then replaced by some other actors. Thus, we decided to talk about the top 5 films where we could have seen Aamir Khan in it.

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