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'Hallucinating Day Dream...' - 'Shaandaar' Movie Review By 'G9 Divya Solgama'


Movie Review By 'G9 Divya Solgama'

'Hallucinating Day Dream...'


After working in production teams of films like ‘Black’, ‘Aamir’, ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur’, ‘Dev.D’ and few more films, Vikas Bahl co-debuted with Nitesh Tiwari with a sweet and small film ‘Chillar Party’. Despite of being a small film it still managed to grab its viewer’s attention and won him the prestigious National Award. The critical and commercial success motivated this talented director to make something different and his individual directorial debut happened with Kangana Ranaut starrer film ‘Queen’. This movie was a not only successful at the box office, but also ended up being a path breaking film because to its fantastic direction and ace performances. The impact was so high that the viewers for a longer period, failed to come out from the hangover of this film. It ended up being one amongst the list of highly watched and loved films from our country and can be watched over and over again at any given time. Thus, right from the announcement of Vikas’s new film ‘Shaandaar’ the expectations were sky high. To top it up the movie has Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starring in it after giving us one of their best performances last year (Haider & Highway) respectively. So let’s find out whether ‘Shaandaar’ will match up to such humongous expectations or might be yet another path breaking film under this genre of romantic films.


‘Shaandaar’ is a story of Bipin (Panjah Kapur) and his daughters, Isha (Sanah Kapoor) & Alia (Alia Bhatt). Alia despite of being an adopted child, is favourite of Bipin, but is disliked by his wife (Niki Aneja) and mother Kamala Ji (Sushma Seth).  In order to save her bankrupt family, Kamala Ji fixes up Isha’s marriage with Robin (Vikas Verma) who is brother of a multi millionaire Pandwani (Sanjay Kapoor). The whole marriage takes place in a castle and is managed by Jagjinder Joginder / J.J (Shahid Kapoor). During this process, J.J and Alia starts loving each other and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The story is one liner and couple of fresh tracks attached to it. But, on an overall basis it’s a tried and tested type of story which is totally predictable. The first half starts with fresh note and has some good comical moments indulged in it. Scenes like Shahid-Pankaj meet, Sanjay Kapoor’s entry scene, Shahid-Alia mime chat at breakfast, Brownie-Mushroom effect, mehendi with Karan track and few more keeps you entertained in the initial phase of the film. Sadly, once these comical tracks fades out the movie goes on a repetitive and dragging mode in the later part. The bankruptcy track, father- adopted daughter track, forceful marriage track and few more are totally stale and have been shown countless times in our films. The insomniac track is interesting, but ends up being a victim of a half baked product. There are multiple characters in the film and almost everyone gets sidelined in the second half, till the finale of the film. The finale part has its funny moments but as said earlier is predictable and has been presented in totally bizarre manner. There are plenty of stuffs happening in the film, but at the same time there is hardly anything happening in the film. The screenplay lacks detailing and seems like a result of a forced product involving big names and moolas attached to it. The movie highly excels on technical basis and has a decent animation track attached to it. Also, the cinematography by Anil Mehta is of top notch and gives the movie its much needed looks. The movie is ‘Shaandaar’ in terms of its visual presentation. 

Music & Direction:

Music by Amit Trivedi is good but not among his best works. ‘Shaam Shaandaar’ goes well with the mood of the film. ‘Gulaabo’ is interesting and appealing. ‘Nazdeekiyaan’ fails to blend with the flow of the film. ‘Senti Wali’ is too dramatic. ‘Raitaa Phailgaya’ is enjoyable. Remix versions of ‘Eena Meena Deeka’ and ‘Neend Na Mujko Aaye’ fails to create the magical impact like how ‘Hungama’ did in ‘Queen’.

Director Vikas Bahl tried to attempt a fairy tale type of romantic film and partly succeeds in few scenes featuring Pankaj Kapur (animated part) along with Shahid and Alia, plus the huge backdrop of grand wedding attached to it. Sadly, this movie is nowhere in comparison to his best work ‘Queen’ and not even ‘Chillar Party’. The freshness is in parts and the movie seems like a garish attempt and has less of soul attached to it. The comical track works along with fantastic presentation but the half baked screenplay ends up as a party popper. It’s sad that whenever a good director gets hold of big budget film, they fail to do justice to it, proving the point that such directors can create only wonders when they make films with tight budgets and tough conditions. 


Shahid Kapoor looks fabulous and all his fans who love him in a romantic avatar, will enjoy his visual appearances. Though, this movie is way below the caliber of Shahid after watching him in film like ‘Haider’. Nevertheless, he does his part with total grace and adds up as the positive point in the film. Alia Bhatt is cute and slips easily in her character. One does wonder, why the makers emphasize more on her bikini scenes (especially in the end credits) rather than focusing more on her acting skills. Pankaj Kapur lends good support but has nothing new to offer. Sana Kapoor is sweet and reminds us of her mother Supriya Pathak. Sushma Seth and Vikas Verma are fine in their parts. Sanjay Kapoor, Anjana Sukhani, Niki Aneja, Kabir Shaikh, Shibani Dandekar, Chittaranjan Tripathy and others are wasted. Cameo by Karan Johar is welcomed. 

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum???

Dum??? Well the movie has some enjoyable dum in the first half, followed by few comical moments and songs. It might be liked by the diehard fans of Shahid and Alia, but will be a huge disappointment for all the fans of Vikas Bahl. Even if we don’t compare ‘Shaandaar’ to Vikas’s last film ‘Queen’, this movie works only in parts and fails miserably in the finale portion. On an overall basis, ‘Shaandaar’ is like having a hallucinating day dream, which starts on an exciting note and ends up like a dragging dream which distracts you from the reality.

Ratings - 2*/5


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