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'Ranbanka' - Movie Review By 'G9 Divya Solgama' (*ing - Manish Paul, Ravi Kishan & Pooja Thakur. Directed by Aryeman Ramsay)


Movie Review By 'G9 Divya Solgama'

'The Obsessed Lover's Saga..'


Right from the Ashok Kumar or Dilip Kumar days, our Hindi films have witnessed various shades of obsessed lovers. The 70’s witnessed many young actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, Vinod Khanna and few more venturing into this grey territory. But, it was Yash Chopra’s film ‘Darr’, which established Shahrukh Khan as the violent obsessed lovers after which films like ‘Fareb’, ‘Anjaam’ and many more started adding to this genre. Actor Ravi Kishan also, worked in an unofficial Bhojpuri version of ‘Darr’ which co stared Manoj Tiwari and Nagma. This Kamaal R Khan produced film had Ravi Kishan playing the role of Shahrukh Khan and after a long time returns back in almost similar avatar for his new film ‘Ranbanka’. Though this time it revolves around a married female and her family. So let’s find out, whether ‘Ranbanka’ will manage to make its mark or might end up being yet another weak clone of films made under the same genre.


‘Ranbanka’ is a story of an engineer Rahul (Manish Paul) who is transferred to Mathura along with his wife Priya (Pooja Thakur) and son. The city is terrorized by a local goon Raghav (Ravi Kishan) who is the younger brother of MLA Prakash Singh (Rudra Kaushish). One day, Raghav accidently bumps into Priya after which he falls in love with her. He threatens Priya to marry him if she wishes to see her family alive. What happens next, is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The story line is good and has basic shades of the movie ‘Darr’. There are couple of good scenes involving Ravi Kishan and Pooja Thakur but besides those few scenes and a decent story line there is nothing much to boast about in this film. There are back to back many loud scenes especially related to establishing the menacing character of Ravi Kishan or Pooja instigating Manish Paul to kill Ravi Kishan, these scenes could have been avoided. Also, there are few side tracks like honour killing, etc which dilutes the flow of the film. The love struck expressions of Ravi Kishan are hilarious followed by the intense looks of Manish Paul. The movie defies logic in many scenes as one wonders why a female is seen changing clothes without locking the trail room in a men’s showroom. Every scene involving Manish Paul fighting is unintentionally funny. There is a scene where he plucks a glass piece from his face and one can see the makeup coming out. Also, his character seems to be inspired from the character of Akshay Kumar from the movie ‘Brothers’ as he keeps getting beaten up and only then, hits back. 

Music & Direction:

There are three item songs in the film. The first one revolves around Lord Krishna, but the other two are just added for skin show and titillate the rural audience.

Director Aryeman had debuted as an actor in Amitabh Bachchan-Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Family’. He ventures into a new territory and comes up with a decent story line but fails to execute it properly. The movie ends up like a regional film with forced drama and loud performances. 


As per the end credits this movie is Manish Paul’s debut film but due to delay and non-support from him, ends up as a small film which will go unnoticed.  He seems to be clueless in the film and fails to deliver in the emotional and dramatic scenes. Pooja Thakur is fine in few scenes but in rest, looks like an over glamorous wannabe actress. Ravi Kishan begins his part with grace later, gets loud and repetitive. 

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum???

 Dum??? Well there is some dum related to its basic story line, but besides that, the movie is a weak product of an obsessed lover’s saga.

Ratings - 1.5*/5


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